Audrina Patridge Pooh-Poohs Heidi Montag in the Battle of Pot vs. Kettle

Heidi Montag may be a changed woman these days—mostly thanks to a plastic-surgery marathon she underwent last November (see the results of the transformation below)—but the cattiness she inspires in her Hills castmates remains very much intact.

heidi montag plastic surgery

People magazine caught up with Montag’s darker-haired telenemy, Audrina Patridge, on Thursday and quizzed her on Heidi’s admission that she had undergone 10 plastic-surgery procedures in a single day. To her credit, Patridge managed to drum up a thin veneer of supportiveness before essentially condemning Montag as a lab-created Franken-Blonde: 

“I haven’t seen how she looks, so it’s hard for me to comment on it, but these are her decisions, and as long as Heidi is happy, that’s all that matters…I think it’s a case of, ‘To each their own,’ but 10 procedures in one day is a little much.”

This, coming from a woman who’s steadfastly sidestepped her own plastic-surgery rumors with coy non-denials, despite some pretty damning evidence to the contrary.

In fairness to Heidi, at least she’s honest about her scalpel-enabled transformation, which means she can look herself in the mirror every morning. Even if she doesn’t quite recognize the face looking back at her.