BUZZINGS: Jessica Simpson Goes Balls-Out in Twitter Testicle Protest

  • Jessica Simpson has finally found her cause: Preventing old men’s sacks from dangling free at the gym. Good girl. (OMG!)
  • Speaking of nuts, Susan Boyle had a freakout at Heathrow Airport. *Sigh*; why do the hot ones always end up being crazy? (Starpulse)
  • Roger Ebert wants to see Rush Limbaugh horse-whipped. Pay Per View event, anyone? (PopEater)
  • Mariah Carey’s remix album pushed back, presumably so she has more time to write insane acceptance speeches for awards season. (Idolator)
  • Barron Hilton’s daddy gives him a $60,000 Mercedes as a reward for getting his license back after his DUI arrest. See? Tough love works! (Celebslam)