Carrie Prejean Nip Slips Against Gay Marriage (PHOTOS)

Just when you thought she'd gone away for good, Carrie Prejean gets herself photographed on a beach, protesting gay rights the one way she knows how: by showing everyone her nipples. Yes, everyone's favorite ex-Miss California was spotted splashing around in Hawaii with her boyfriend, and girlfriend shoulda bought a tighter top, because it just did NOT want to stay on. Sometimes there is only one set of footprints in the sand.

Anyway, click through our gallery...if you dare. Thoughts?



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  • jes

    Where is this bikini sold?

  • missthing06

    Why does everyone hate on her?She doesn't beleive in Gay Rights...that's HER opinion. Leave her the hell alone, She's freakin human, not everyone likes the same things. DUH

  • Joey

    Carrie is a stupid slut. Hate her.

  • celebuzzsux

    So her boob popped out of a bathing suit, whooopdy f*ckin doo.