In Wake of Beyonce’s Successful Gig With Gaddafi, Other Entertainers Line Up for a Piece of the Dictator Pie

First, there was Vegas lounge acts.  Then, bizarre overseas commercials.  Now, Hollywood’s finest have found an entirely new avenue to sell their souls for dollars — dictator parties!

As the story of Beyonce’s $2M-for-five-songs, private-party performance for the sons of Libyan strong-man, Muammar Gaddafi continues to unfold, other entertainers are spotting their opportunity to delight dictators while the payday meter runs at $100K per minute.

Celebuzz’s investigative team has been digging into this sordid source of celebrity schwag and uncovered a number of upcoming celeb/dictator engagements that might be considered slightly less than appropriate.

Robert Mugabe, the horrific despot of Zimbabwe loves him some “Tik Tok” and has hired flaming hot Ke$ha to perform songs from her debut album, Animal, at his annual “Stomping with the Madman” pool party at his palatial stronghold in Harare.


After his private party performance at a Royal Saudi house party, Chris Brown may share a conversation on gender relations with King Abdullah who oversees a country where women are considered property and must receive permission from their man to drive a car, or shop, or go to school.


Asayas Afewerki, the grand ruler of Eritrea, who recently put off democratic elections for “40 years”, has hired Eminem to lay down some lyrics at a fundraiser for his seaside nature preserve. 

I appreciate a man [Eminem] who takes years to complete a piece of work that is designed to please nobody but himself.

       — Asayas Afewerki, one unfriendly dictator and music critic



Of course, this entire phenomenon really has Chris Kirkpatrick’s puppet to blame.  When the most underpurchased of *NSync marionettes agreed in 2005 to put on a pre-military parade show for King Jong Il puppet of North Korea, the floodgates really opened up for this disturbing entertainer-dictator relationship.