In Wake of Beyonce's Successful Gig With Gaddafi, Other Entertainers Line Up for a Piece of the Dictator Pie

In Wake of Beyonce's Successful Gig With Gaddafi, Other Entertainers Line Up for a Piece of the Dictator Pie-photo

First, there was Vegas lounge acts.  Then, bizarre overseas commercials.  Now, Hollywood's finest have found an entirely new avenue to sell their souls for dollars -- dictator parties!

As the story of Beyonce's $2M-for-five-songs, private-party performance for the sons of Libyan strong-man, Muammar Gaddafi continues to unfold, other entertainers are spotting their opportunity to delight dictators while the payday meter runs at $100K per minute.

Celebuzz's investigative team has been digging into this sordid source of celebrity schwag and uncovered a number of upcoming celeb/dictator engagements that might be considered slightly less than appropriate.

Robert Mugabe, the horrific despot of Zimbabwe loves him some "Tik Tok" and has hired flaming hot Ke$ha to perform songs from her debut album, Animal, at his annual "Stomping with the Madman" pool party at his palatial stronghold in Harare.


After his private party performance at a Royal Saudi house party, Chris Brown may share a conversation on gender relations with King Abdullah who oversees a country where women are considered property and must receive permission from their man to drive a car, or shop, or go to school.


Asayas Afewerki, the grand ruler of Eritrea, who recently put off democratic elections for "40 years", has hired Eminem to lay down some lyrics at a fundraiser for his seaside nature preserve. 

I appreciate a man [Eminem] who takes years to complete a piece of work that is designed to please nobody but himself.

       -- Asayas Afewerki, one unfriendly dictator and music critic



Of course, this entire phenomenon really has Chris Kirkpatrick's puppet to blame.  When the most underpurchased of *NSync marionettes agreed in 2005 to put on a pre-military parade show for King Jong Il puppet of North Korea, the floodgates really opened up for this disturbing entertainer-dictator relationship.




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  • Mo Slim
    Mo Slim

    It could be surprising to you but the arts of music and politics do cross paths. I suggest you restrict yourself to what you know best and leave Eritrea alone?

  • Hagerawi

    isayas puts his opponents in containers. google and find out the true nature of this mad man of Africa.


    Isaias Afeworki, Mision acomplished against all ods. The worlds denial for soverny Eritrea plus military and finansial suport for invadors Ethiopian leaders with the help of USA, Soviet U, UN you name it for over 40 yrs. With less than 13 years, he almost eradicated malaria, polio, HIV, and biulding the country and made it food secure. (self suficient) AGAIN AGAINST AAALLLLL ODS, That is a miracle. Eritrean ppl and gov is blood sweting DAY and NIGHT for better future. Not to be to be Aid adicted and west protistitude like Ethiopia. Accept The final and binding rulling and Shut the F**** black mailing Eri by fabricating and missleading with your crap News. ERi will prevaile as usual and be a simbol for Africans at last. That's way you sanctioning Eritrea. Now when Eritrea starts flowering. The year the blood swet starts to give Fruit.

  • Lisa

    What is Isaias Afworki of Eritrea doing in this sh*t website? Get serious it just shows how much this website has not masterminded the business of misinformation.

  • mike

    dont mess with issays he is not someone u joke with ur dirty mouth . take five min from your misrable life and try to learn about issays befor you open your mouth!!

  • muler

    don't make fun of Afeworki. He will make you bite your tongue as he has done before to the West