Jessica Alba Gets Hooked Up on Craigslist All the Time

Well, this won’t do much to help Craigslist shake its reputation as a slime-slathered den of Pervy McPervertons… In a recent interview, Jessica Alba admitted that her favorite shopping destination isn’t located among the trendy boutiques of Los Angeles—when she gets an itch to do some purchasing, she hits up Craigslist. In fact, Casa de Alba is practically crammed with items she’s found on the popular Internet trading post and escort emporium.

Says the bargain-conscious beauty,

“I’ve bought 70 percent of my house off Craigslist! I’ve found so many things: couches, tables, lamps. I love the idea of recycling furniture and there being a history there.”

Uh, yeah. If by “history” she means unidentifiable stains and the lingering aroma of errant bodily fluids.

And no, that isn’t an earthquake you just felt, just the rumble of a million creepy guys rushing to their computers to put up a post about the mint-condition antique coffee table that they’re letting go for a song. Interesting trades considered. May need help dragging it up from the dungeon—uh, basement….

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