NEW BESTIES: Oprah, Meet GaGa

NEW BESTIES: Oprah, Meet GaGa-photo

Two of the World's biggest forces have combined for one picture of epic proportions. In this amazing twitpic from backstage on today's show, Oprah does her best GaGa impression, and homegirl is looking as fierce as ever! We CANNOT WAIT till the big O wears that hairpiece! Can you? Check out the videos below to see GaGa's appearance on The Oprah Show:

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  • sydsouth

    * ooooooo, Oprah can't handle the Ga Ga!!* sweet, =}

  • obsessed

    her outfit kept falling off her shoulder and ya the glass didnt break.. but either way shes amazinggg

  • kopns

    I wasn't that into her until I started watching interviews of her. she is an incredible person AND an incredible talent as well as a true performer.

  • VC

    heh,the glass didnt brake :D


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