Russell Brand Peeing on Paparazzi: What Up With That? (PHOTOS)

Umm...what the hell is going to happen in Get Me to the Greek, the upcoming sequel to Forgetting Sarah Marshall? A scene showing Russell Brand peeing on an annoying paparazzo, apparently. A-ha!—So that's what fiance Katy Perry sees in him! We get it now.

Enough chitchat, you've gotta see these pictures to believe 'em! Are you excited for this movie?



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  • ?

    beacuse you can see it dumb ass

  • minimini

    Excellent. I wish he would do that in his real life. The paps get so in people's face. It's horrible.

  • Skater_girl

    how do u kno its a bottle...?

  • Cullen-Black

    It's water...u can c da bottle

  • sydsouth

    * bahahahah!! XD

  • obsessed

    lmfao this looks so wrong on so many levels..