Tiger Woods Is Apparently on a National Sex-Rehab Tour

It seems that Tiger Woods’ libido is too rampant for any one rehab facility to tame. Multiple reports have emerged over the past days and weeks placing the golf great and alleged serial philanderer in various treatment centers for his problem, making him the Where’s Waldo? of extramarital sex.

If the most recent version of the truth is to be believed, Woods has ensconced himself at the Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services facility in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, where he’s allegedly being treated for his seemingly insatiable urge to sleep with women who are not his wife.

This sighting comes a few days after People’s assertion that he had holed himself up in Wickenburg,  Arizona clinic The Meadows, which “specializes in substance abuse, as well as compulsive disorders such as gambling or sex addiction.”

Or, if we want to go with what’s behind Door Number Three, Woods could very well be seeking help at Arizona’s Cottonwood de Tulsa.

In the meantime, Elvis was spotted in Oklahoma this morning, griping that “that golfin’ fella” had stolen all his false-sighting thunder.

There’s only one explanation for what’s going on here: Tiger Woods has obviously been cloned several times. Chances are, it wasn’t even the real Woods who allegedly slept with all those women.

I think we all owe somebody a big apology…