Tila Tequila Loses her Publicist. This Should End Well.

Wait, you mean all this time, Tila Tequila’s shenanigans have been processed through the protective filter of a publicist?

E! Online reports that, after a busy couple of weeks for the former A Shot at Love star—culminating in her custody bid for the child of her deceased supposed fiancée Casey Johnson’s child—Tequila’s publicist, Jessica Cohen, has finally thrown her hands in the air and bailed on her client.

In a mass e-mail circulated to her business contacts on Thursday, Cohen announced,

“This is to inform you that I am no longer representing Tila Tequila as her publicist. Some matters need to remain private and away from media attention and due to recent events, I realized that we need to part ways while she deals with the loss of her fiancée. I will forward any remaining inquiries to her until the new publicist takes over.”

The announcement concludes, “Thank you for bearing with me during all of this.”

But while the rest of the world might logically conclude that the split is due to Tequila’s increasingly erratic behavior, the reality star has her own explanation for Cohen’s departure—Tila has simply become too famous for her to handle. According to Tequila,

“[Cohen] usually handles smaller clients. She is not used to more high profile clients who have paparazzi’s [sic] chasing them around town. She started to have a freak meltdown with all the media attention swirling around me. She didn’t know what to do, and didn’t know how to stay calm…I actually needed a more powerful publicist. Someone who is bold, brave, and already used to this type of media frenzy.”

Wow; if only that kind of spin could be hooked up to a generator, America’s energy crisis would be solved in a week.

But whatever the real reason for the parting of ways, this means one thing: For the time being, anyway, Tila Tequila is acting as her own publicist. Which means we are probably heading toward the celebrity-news equivalent of the Rapture.

Might as well sit back and make some popcorn; this is going to be good…