Skinny People Make Jessica Simpson Sick

Geriatric genitals aren’t the only thing that leave Jessica Simpson feeling queasy. Her stomach also tends to turn at the sight of human toothpicks parading down the runway.

The actress/singer, whose weight fluctuations have been tabloid fodder in the past, recently admitted that filming an episode of her reality show The Price of Beauty amid the slender clotheshorses of Paris made her feel like she was going to hurl:

“Going to Paris, I had to walk a runway with all these tall skinny models and I almost puked I was so nervous…I mean, I can walk a red carpet but walking a runway, I will be the first to fall on my face. And thank god I didn’t. But I was so nervous to walk out there and be judged. To just put myself out there like that. Especially next to people that eat just salad.”

Good thing you managed to hold it together, Jess. Up-chucking on the runway would have been a major faux pas, as models traditionally do their vomiting in the privacy of the backstage area.