Is Joe Jonas Planning a Solo Career Too? Oh, Noes…

Will the last Jonas Brother to bail on the group please turn off the lights on your way out?

Hot on the heels of his brother Nick’s successful solo jaunt with his side project The Administration, Joe Jonas intimated to E! Online on Friday night that he might be preparing to spread his musical wings too:

“I’m writing songs right now…I’m writing a lot of music…I’ve written about five songs with some of my friends in different bands and things like that. With Grammy Week coming up, all my friends and all these musicians are flying in. I love writing with musicians.”

Is that meant to suggest that, when he’s working with Nick and Kevin, he isn’t writing with musicians? Ooh, awkward…

Can’t wait to hear what Joe might have up his sleeve, but if one is in a prediction-making mood, a double concept album about how his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift is a big doody-head would be a pretty safe bet.

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