Demi Disses Globes Because of Sniffles While Cher Shines Despite Being Dead

It was a tale of two divas at last night’s Golden Globe Awards. For her part, Demi Moore bailed on one of Hollywood’s biggest self-congratulatory evenings because she was “feeling sick and having a bad hair day“.

C’mon, Demi, this isn’t Homecoming dance. How old are you, fifteen?

In sharp contrast, immortal singing sensation, Cher, managed to get herself to the event to co-present with Christina Aguilera. The undead Cher look remarkably life-life in her burlesque-inspired gown, which showed off just the right amount of reconstituted flesh.

After the show, when asked about Demi’s weak excuse for skipping the Globes, Cher mentioned that she was “angry enough to eat Demi’s brains.”  At which point, Cher-zombie picked up a fork and a Star Map and shuffled toward her hearse.