Would You Ever Let This Celeb Hold Your Baby? (PHOTOS)

If you’re a parent, avert your eyes now, for these graphic images may send a shiver down your spine. Be honest, you were surprised when Amy Winehouse made it to 2010… the girl barely has a grip on her own self-control, let alone the ability to grip a small child. Nonetheless, that didn’t stop some psycho from handing over their pride and joy willy nilly as if it were a cigarette lighter.

Amy isn’t the only wayward celeb spotted manhandling a child. We’ve captured some of our favorite celeb-holding-baby pics for your viewing pleasure… and disdain. We threw in a few aww-provoking snaps for good measure. Who doesn’t wanna see Baby Biebs holding a baby!? Hearts explode.

Our friends at Buzznet inspired us to ask for your opinions regarding such a controversial subject. So click through our baby-holding gallery and tell us in comments, would you ever let these celebs hold your baby?