Amy Winehouse and Snooki Face Off for Fake-Tan Supremacy

Judging from this photo of Amy Winehouse taken as she left FishWorks restaurant in London on Saturday night, the “Rehab” singer is clearly sending not-so-subtle signals that she wouldn’t mind a spot on the upcoming second season of MTV’s reality smash Jersey Shore. And with Snooki possibly preparing to embark on her own solo show, Pauly D, JWoWW and the rest of America’s Favorite Fist-Pumpers might just be looking to fill a vacancy soon.

But does Winehouse have what it takes to fill Snooki’s tiny-but-powerful shoes? Let’s do a comparative analysis and find out, shall we?

Winehouse: Signature hairstyle—the beehive.
Snooki: Signature hairstyle—the poof.

Snooki: Doesn’t mind cutting loose and having a few drinks now and then.
Winehouse: Are you kidding us?

Snooki: Not afraid to show off what she has, because for the modern-day guidette it’s all about getting as much attention as possible.
Winehouse: Ditto.

Snooki: Can hold her own in a fight. Or at least take a punch gracefully.
Winehouse: Will eff a mutha up just for taking her picture.

Snooki: Shows off her physicality with her signature beach flips.
Winehouse: Can do a mean handstand. Plus, has mastered the ancient martial art of Crack-Kwan-Do.

Hmm; tough call. Readers, we’re leaving it up to you: Who would you rather see on Jersey Shore, Amy or Snooki? Let us know in our poll!