Britney Spears Renews Contract as Spokesperson for Candie's, Sadness

Britney Spears Renews Contract as Spokesperson for Candie's, Sadness-photo

So Britney Spears has signed on for another year of promoting the Candie's clothing brand. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Team Britney For Candie's has released the new promo photo (above, we heard it was taken by Annie Leibovitz), in which Britney looks kind of miserable (though very well accessorized).

Kind of an odd choice for such a bubble-gummy-sounding brand, but you know how the slogan goes, Candie's: Reasonably Priced Clothing For People Who Are Sad About Things They've Dealt With In the Past.

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  • Sandeana

    Britney has always been a cutie. Too bad she looks so unhappy. I just hope that whatever her condition is, it's under control. She can still perform in concert, that's for sure.

  • Truth

    She's so ugly, honestky. she looks like a used up old whore. Opps, she is!!!

  • missthing06

    She's so pretty honestly. My sister used to look just like her when she was younger. GORG