BUZZINGS: Chris Pine Is Single. Olivia Munn Is Single. Everybody Is Happy.

  • Chris Pine and Olivia Munn have called it quits, sparking tidal wave of hope among Fans Who Still Don’t Stand a Snowball’s Chance in Hell. (PopEater)
  • Nelly dispenses fashion advice. “Take off all your clothes when it’s hot” is strangely absent. (Lime Life)
  • Oh, yay; they’re making a movie about the Balloon Boy saga. Central Casting puts in call to Satan to see if he’s available to play the dad. (E! Online)
  • Video proof that Jay Leno broke his word to Conan O’Brien. As if we really needed it. (What Would Tyler Durden Do)
  • Is Jamie Lynn Spears an unwed mom and an underage drinker? How does she not have her own reality show yet? (Celebslam)