Exclusive Fake Open Letter From Snooki to The Situation, Re: Her ‘Rolls of Fat’

In a recent interview, Jersey Shore’s “The Situation” defended his actions in publicly calling out fellow housemate “Snooki” on the “rolls” of fat on her otherwise perfect beach body.

For her part, the muffin-topped shore girl took it like the street-toughened guidette that she is, shrugging off the incident and claiming that she still hooks up with The Situation, on an as-needed basis. 

Romantic as this may be, Celebuzz has obtained a completely fictitious copy of a personal letter written from Snooki to the Situation regarding the “rolls” comment which shows that this booze-guzzling imp has a bit more sensitivity to her character that some might suspect.

(Note: this letter obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request with the government of Jersey Shore.)


letter from snooki

She’s one special lady.