Jersey Shore's Snooki Takes One More Tiny, Orange-Footed Step Toward World Domination

Jersey Shore's Snooki Takes One More Tiny, Orange-Footed Step Toward World Domination-photo

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi packs a lot of ambition into her tiny little frame. Jersey Shore's breakout guidette has intimated to Us Magazine that she may be preparing to leave her well-tanned, fist-pumping posse behind with her very own reality show.

The tall-haired munchkin revealed,

"Definitely there is no set thing, but it has been talked about...I got offers from VH1 and other reality networks."

Though plans are still sketchy, one early rumor has it that the Snookster could star on her own dating show, Snookin' for Love, where suitors would vie for her affection, presumably through challenges involving hair architecture and power-tanning.

If such a project truly is in the offing, what sort of man would have the edge in the race for Snooki's heart?

"A guy I can be real with. I love to be a dork; I love a guy with a sense of humor!"

Hmm; laugh-inducing, a tendency toward dorkiness and perhaps all too real? Snooki, we may have found your match.



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  • Laranda

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  • Pops Warner
    Pops Warner

    "Next thing you know, dis broad is gonna be dating f*ckin' moolies just to get attention. By da way, whaddya think of my new 'do? It's called a fauxhawk, if you can believe such a thing." —Anonymous Guido

  • hispanicatthedisco

    No, Snooki, I will not pull your finger.

  • roeschs3

    gee, didnt see that one coming. pshh