Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez Seem Awfully Couple-ish These Days (VIDEO)

And the evidence that Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez are rekindling their flame continues to mount. First Selena was spotted watching and crying at Jonas’ concert in Detroit on Saturday night, as he busted out the romantic ballad stay. And now, lo and behold, it appears that the Wizards of Waverly Place starlet is making a habit of accompanying the Most Talented JoBro on the road.

Check out the video below, of Selena accompanying Nick as he entered the Rosemont Theater in Chicago, where he rocked the house on Sunday night. Oh sure, she tried to make her way off the tour bus on the sly, but apparently she doesn’t know that the Whole. World. Is. Watching.

Maybe she’s just picking up some musical pointers from her Disney colleague? With her own singing career in the offing, she could definitely use some tips.

Readers, what say you about this pressing topic of the day? Are Nick and Selena totally on? Let us know in the comments section!