Ways In Which Susan Boyle Defines Cool

Susan Boyle may have it all these days, but one thing she won’t be getting any time soon — a Brit Award.

The Scottish songbird was snubbed with the announcement today that she won’t even be receiving a nomination for Best Solo Female Music Artists from the swanky swanksters who run the glamorous music artist awards show. 

According to reports, the folks behind the Brit Awards don’t feel Boyle is “cool enough” to fit the swaggerific nature of their program. SuBo not cool enough? Um, SuBo invented cool!

And just to prove it, here is our list of ways in which Susan Boyle defines cool:

1.  SuBo stretches that celebrity dollar

While her peers are buying Maseratis and Mulbery bags, SuBo recently announced that she’s still renting her little home and, while she’s finally splurged, it’s on a new refrigerator and a sofa set.


2.  SuBo goes harmless crazy

Many celebrities go crazy. Anna Nicole buried her demons in drugs. Britney locked herself in the bathroom with her kids. Kate married Jon. All kinds of stupid, mindless, dangerous crazy. But leave it to SuBo to go crazy in a fun, campy, old-fashioned style, like grabbing a mop and breaking out in song at Heathrow airport.


3.  SuBo took care of family first

Think Lindsay will take care of Michael in his golden years? See many of the other young divas of today moving in the family to provide 24-7 care? Think again. But our cool gal, SuBo, spent a good chunk of her adult life caring for her dear mother, along with her church members and community. 


4.  SuBo’s not just another pretty face

It’s easy to be a super hot, superstar, but without looks to propel you, you are left naked and alone with just your voice to be judged.

“There’s no shortage of first-class voices out there, but Boyle has a unique story: she’s unattractive[…] She’s a bit like Ella Fitzgerald.  Fitzgerald was overweight and wore glasses — everything a woman entertainer shouldn’t be […] It’s really, really hard to make a career if a woman isn’t attractive. But Fitzgerald was a great singer and a great musician, and she rose above her physical circumstances. Her career lasted 60 years.

      – R.M. Campbell, a music critic for The Gathering Note.


5.  Everybody wants to sing a song with SuBo

When’s the last time a world-class tenor asked to do a duet with Miley Cyrus?  Or the world’s hottest show-diva insisted on a song with Heidi Montag?  Um, never.  But these past few weeks alone SuBo’s had both Andre Bocelli and Lady GaGa getting in line to team up with her onstage. 

Andre and Subo

And there you have it. SuBo is the coolest.

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