BUZZINGS: Martha Stewart Working the Stripper Pole Should Give You the Morning Jolt You Need

  • Martha Stewart flaunts her pole-dancing skills. Much like a bear riding a tricycle, but far less erotic. (PopEater)
  • Been worried about the whereabouts of Snooki’s ass? Don’t worry, we found it. (The Superficial)
  • Amy Winehouse pleads guilty to assault at production of Cinderella, makes plans to start a knife fight at the nearest McDonald’s Playland. (Starpulse)
  • Tiger Woods has been sighted by the National Enquirer at a Mississippi sex-rehab facility. It’s official: He’s the Bigfoot of Not Keeping it in Your Pants. (Socialite Life)
  • The Spider-Man reboot will be directed by the guy who did (500) Days of Summer. Spidey will now subdue villains with flower bouquets and monologues about the true meaning of love. (E! Online)