Even Samantha Ronson Horrified By Heidi Montag’s New Face

You know you’ve made a horrible aesthetic choice when even Samantha Ronson feels free to mock your looks.

The celebrity DJ/former Lindsay Lohan partner took to her Twitter account last night to weigh in on the topic of the week—Heidi Montag’s radically altered face—and her assessment of the Hills villainess’ transformation wasn’t kind.

Ronson quipped,

“STILL can’t get over heidi’s surgery- i know we all turn into our mothers eventually- but all in 1 day? maybe her husband has mommy issues?”

Ouchies! And if it’s one subject that Sam is an expert on, it’s women who age way too prematurely.

Still, it’s gotta sting for Heidi to be called out by Ronson for her appearance. Isn’t that a little like Amy Winehouse telling you that you should cut back on the drinking? Or Shauna Sand saying you dress too trampy?

But hey, we’re not here to judge—as we’ve told you over and over again, that’s your job. So get thee to the comments section and share your thoughts: Was Ronson right to take a dig at Heidi?