Heidi Montag’s New Face Finally Loosens Up Enough to Speak (VIDEO)

Been wondering why Heidi Montag decided to completely alter her appearance and make herself look 20 years older with a plastic-surgery spree? Yeah, us too. Luckily, Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush was brave enough to sit down with the newly transformed Hills villainess to get the scoop on her extreme makeover.

A few nuggets from the interview:

  • Heidi almost died after the procedure, after receiving too much Demerol “like Michael Jackson did.”
  • If Cleopatra were alive today, she would totes decide to bump up her chest to Triple D’s.
  • Most importantly, this was as much a spiritual transformation for Heidi as it was a physical one.

But of course. Check out the interviews below, and see if you can pinpoint the exact moment when Bush’s soul collapses from having to confront this monstrosity: