Why Is Shauna Sand's Daughter So Bummed? (PHOTOS)

Shauna Sand. We still don't know why she's famous and we're pretty positive we don't care enough to look it up, but what we really can't figure out is: Just what is wrong with her daughter here?

Look at these pictures. Is it just us, or is someone being a Sally Sourpuss? We mean, come on: your mom is clearly amazing, and you're being photographed with her in the streets by a total stranger: Cheer Up!



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  • ks

    how old is this woman? another faker on the street and not only that but with a bad taste in fashion ... her whole face is like plastic .. fake boobs who would pay to look like that is beyond me ... a waste of money, time and pain ... no going back ..

  • ks

    if i were the little girl, i would behaved the same way, having a mother who dressed shamelessly ... i mean think of how old you are and you are not doing a fashion show, out in the street with your young daughter some more .. god ... some people have no rights to have kids ..

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    All of the above :D:D:D:D Why is written there that she is an amazing mother????

  • Oblaadee

    Poor kid. Who is this woman? I guess she is put out because she is heading to the babysitters house so mom can: A. Go party B. Go stand on the street corner C. All of the above

  • iicanonlyopenmymouth

    she is an amazing mother for wearing that outfit with her daughterr ..

  • sweetcara11

    She's an amazing mom???!!! WTF!! Are yo ukidding she looks like a f***ing hooker, no wonder her daughter seems pissed. Her mom is a whore. I feel really sorry for that beautiful little girl, her mother doesn't deserve her at all.

  • Tiffany Segraves Vanderhider
    Tiffany Segraves Vanderhider

    and you thought your mom embarrassed you as a kid....

  • anna

    The kid looks unamused and totally imbarrassed

  • julie04

    It's embarassing to her, that her mother looks like a prostitute.

  • tatts09

    poor little girl...she looks so sad...and wtf is shauna wearing??you're out with your kid and yet you dress like your working the streets...

  • waldy623

    this wins