As The Bieber Cometh, LA Braces For Destruction

As you may have heard in the news, LA is currently shaking in anticipation of a possible tornado after being blasted by heavy winds and rain all week. But this isn’t the one we’re scared about. We’re worried about Hurricane Bieber, one of the deadliest forces in recent history.

Celebuzz scored some tickets to Baby Biebs’ Valentines Day show at the Palladium theatre in Los Angeles and while forecasting methods and safety preparedness have improved with the Bieber Army, we are still at great risk for total destruction. According to TMZ, the manager of the Palladium would like to assure boys and girls of all ages that will be hiring extra guards for his sold-out Valentine’s Day gig, but we still aren’t positive things will be pretty.

As you may recall, the first sign of Bieber madness-gone-bad was back in Novembs when an autograph signing at Roosevelt Field Mall in Long Island turned into a virtual bloodbath. Bieb-thirsty fans began fighting, punches and handbags were thrown, and the pre-teen estrogen levels were taken to crazy proportions.

Remember, in order to prevent death, injury, or Bieber-induced strokes, bring adequate supplies, including earplugs, a phone (to check his twitter page, obvi), and a copy of your My World CD. And if there’s one thing you must never do, DO NOT LOOK AT ANOTHER BIEBER FAN STRAIGHT IN THE EYES. Results could be disastrous.