Courtenay Semel Honors Casey Johnson By Revealing Sex Tape

Courtenay Semel Honors Casey Johnson By Revealing Sex Tape-photo

And we thought Tila Tequila was Casey Johnson's only true friend! Courtenay Semel or C-Nay-Nay as we like to call her, the ex-girlfriend to Tila, Johnson, and Lindsay Lohan, has remained pretty mum since the sudden and tragic death of 30-year-old Johnson earlier this month. But now, she has something to say. And, boy, is it heartwarming!

In a new interview with Ken Baker of E! news (who btw, looks like he wants to punch her), Courtenay reveals that she and Johnson had filmed their very own sex tape to get paid and land themselves a reality show.

"We had our own sex tape. It was either listen to our families and do what they say to get our lives back, or do it ourselves and sell this tape, work on our show. That was kind of our plan.

We laughed when we watched our sex tape because we were like, 'This is the most beautiful piece of art work we have ever seen in our lives.' It's beautiful ... When you find that person that's literally your other half. We don't care to show this. You could just tell how much, how in love, we were."

Because nothing shows love like bragging about a sex tape after your partner passes away! Classy, as always.

With friends like these, who needs awful people?



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  • d

    that bitch isn't just fake, she's f*cking ugly too.

  • um

    she didn't say she was going to sell it. just that it was made with the intention to sell, on both her part AND CASEY'S. it makes them both awful people lacking in self respect and morals. casey is just as bad as courtenay in this situation.......... its not like courtenay is going to release it now so whatever

  • edie

    Rich people can be white trash, too--and this Courtenayslunt is proof of that. Disrespectful olfcow!I cbn't imagine "honoring" dsomebody you once allegedly loved in such a disgusting, disrespectful way. Rot in hell, you dried up sad slut.

  • missthing06

    That's disgusting and just so not right. How can someone do that after the person just passes away. People will do anything to make money nowadays.

  • vpopadiuc87

    lol noah is funny ! when does it come out ?

  • noah

    I wonder if they, you know, scissored...