Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart Play Dress Up In 'The Runaways' (PHOTOS)

We're absolutely dying to check out The Runaways when it hits theatres. Mostly to see if Kristen Stewart has the chops to pull off rock icon Joan Jett in a movie that's outside of her "quivering vampire lust" wheelhouse. Oh, and also there's that much-talked about lesbian kiss between K-Stew and Dakota Fanning.... but shhh!!

Anyways, some pretty amazing new stills were just released that you must see! Check 'em out in our new gallery. Also, here's a recently-released clip from the film. Don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section!



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  • Issy

    ohh you think??? they have more experience and talent then more older actors and better made... i already see the film and they take your breath away with they performances, cause i am a fan of joan jett and i can say it was great acting..

  • team cullen
    team cullen

    this is the outfit when kristen was reperted to be 'pregnant' i can see yyy tho cant wait 4 this movie it looks gr8!!!!!

  • jake

    they both look soooooo hot at these pics seriously can't wait gooooo kstew

  • Alex

    I didnt even recognize Dakota Fanning in these pics, I think she is GREAT actress however I am not that confident in Kristen because I dont think she played great Bella.

  • Cute

    Best pic love it

  • ksfan

    looking forward to watch this movie.. kristen is so sexy :) dakota looked good too

  • shaz

    OHhhh im sooo anxious to see this movie....this surely will be good.dakota fanning is in it and then kristen .i think kristen will pull off joan well....with her resemblence with joan.i think she'll do well.

  • kam

    love this pik!!!,,,im eager to see the kiss as well. i think that kristen is so honest and confident, talented, doesnt give a f*ck lol but not afraid to admit her flaws. that personality makes her seem hot or more beautiful to both sexes. so KEEP IT UP KRIS lol

  • jen

    so....Miley Cyrus (aged 17) gets bashed for using a freaking pole for dancing and Dakota Fanning (aged 15) gets "we can't wait"ed for an on screen lesbian kiss??? Celebuzz, you people confuse the hell out of me, i don't wanna know what sick minds run this site

  • F.

    LOVE THEM. Can't wait to see the movie! AND I'm straight too but I gotta say that I'm REALLY eager to see Dakota&Kristen make out session. I heard it was pretty intense.

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    Finally pic that I kinda like :D

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    I hate Kristen, she is the worst actress ever. I don't even like her personality. But I love Dakota, she is one of the best actresses, she is so talented, cute and pretty :)) Gooo Dakotaaa :-**

  • Remo

    I don't see them try anything ah well they are still amature actrices, give them 10 year....

  • missthing06

    That's kinda gross.

  • stephanie

    Kristen look's great!!!!

  • stephanie

    Kristen is amazing!!!!!!

  • daniel

    yuummmy, kristen, yummmy,

  • truth hurts
    truth hurts

    lool she IS trying too hard you can see it , only thing ...she's not getting it right !!

  • machine

    As to the "what happened here" comment - KStew is arching her back, look at the placement of her hand on her lower back. :)

  • kstewfan1

    no way she looks hot!! love this shot!!!

  • kstewfan1

    who is the idiot who made the beer with a straw comment!! wos its pop you idiot!!! The girls look good

  • kstewfan!

    Wow Kstew rocks can't wait to see her in this movie I also like Dakota but Kstew is my girl!!! she looks hot!!

  • lully

    wow.. this movie going to be awesome..

  • julie04

    Can't wait for the movie!! Kristen looks cool in the pics :D This look suits her.

  • what?!

    What happened here? This pic makes KStew look fat

  • liz

    he looks quite a bit... umm... sexy. totally lovin' the suit.

  • mrsedwardcullenbby52

    i love love Kristen but ya'll she looks like MJ in this picture

  • abc123

    I think her pants are better unzipped ;D

  • tatts09

    kristen really has that androgernous look about her...it's sexy..

  • tatts09

    i'm straight..but i sure as hell won't mind being that close to kristen...she looks hot here....

  • C

    The Best.

  • Ana

    That is a Mountain Dew. It is on the label.