Italian Journalist Gets to the Bottom of David Beckham's Package (VIDEO)

Italian Journalist Gets to the Bottom of David Beckham's Package (VIDEO)-photo

It's nice to know that, in this age of corporate media, some journalists still aren't afraid to get their hands dirty and tackle the really important issues. Such as David Beckham's balls.

Take a good look at this clip of Italian TV personality Elena di Cioccio taking a hands-on approach to the pressing issue of whether the infamous Beckham Bulge really matches up to the image presented in his Emporio Armani underwear ads. Not content to merely ask Beckham—who's currently playing for Milan—about his unit, Di Cioccio straps on the rubber glove, gets all investigative and goes in for a feel.

Judging from Becks' reaction, Di Cioccio earned herself a red card for that maneuver, but you have to give her points for commitment. Katie Couric, are you paying attention? This is how it's done.

Check out the video below to witness this Great Moment in Journalistic History.



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  • EN

    It was inasane

  • Moon

    Great moment? it was an ASSAULT! If that was a guy doing that to a woman and groping her crotch or her boobs "just to prove how big they are or it is there or not", would you still call it as a GREAT moment?! I bet that guy would have been arrested or charged with sexual assault already. You people are SICK!

  • obsessed

    christiano ronaldo or david beckam?? hmm both hot as hell but i think i would choose david hes sooo fineee