Kristen Stewart Plays a Pretty Convincing Underage Prostitute (VIDEO)

Say what you want about Kristen Stewart’s acting chops—when it comes to playing a not-quite-ripe hooker, nobody beats her. Although James Gandolfini looks like he’s on the verge of doing so in the following footage.

Behold, a newly released clip from the much-anticipated K-Stew flick Welcome to the Rileys, in which the New Moon star plays 16-year-old prostitute Mallory, who Gandolfini—as married middle-aged man Doug Riley—takes under his wing after meeting her in a strip club. (Sounds like fun for the whole family!)

In the following sneak peek, Gandolfini’s character berates Stewart for her constant pottty-mouth. Because as we all know by now, if it’s one thing that James Gandolfini can’t stand for, it’s cursing.

Better build a new addition onto your home, Kristen; after this thing hits theaters, you’re going to need the extra space for all the awards.