Today On The Internet: Super Jersey Shore Guido Brothers

You guys ready for this? Check out the best of the best of what’s buzzing around the ‘net today. You WON’T be sorry:

  • Jersey Shore meets Mario Brothers, ruining all your childhood memories. Or making them even more amazing. (The Daily What)
  • Tiger Woods has been spotted ALL over the place. Can you find him?? (Buzz Feed)
  • Costumes are always funny. People getting arrested while wearing them are epic. (Holy Taco)
  • Key scenes from Lost reenacted by Jersey Shore-type-folks. As if life could get any better. (Gawker)
  • DAILY CUTENESS CHALLENGE: Meet this yawning puppy. If you can find anything cuter on the Internet today, post it in the comments. We dare you. (Cute Overload)