BUZZINGS: Vintage Christoper Walken Ain’t So Bad

  • Anyone remember Christopher Walken not old, amazing, and a bad ass B? We didn’t think so! (Dlisted)
  • Because you’re sick of judging their old mugs every night on late night TV…it’s time to judge them as high schoolers! Yay! (Popeater)
  • Did Britanny Murphy die because she wasn’t in Happy Feeet 2? Well c’mon, who wouldn’t??? (The Superficial)
  • In his spare time, Donald Trump helps saves millions of lives in Haiti. Or attends a Lady GaGa concert in NYC. (Limelife)
  • Mischa Barton is being sued for not paying thousands in rent money. Maybe that explains her new role as a prostitute. Method acting, eh? (Socialites Life)