Lily Allen's Big Day Out Turns Into a Big Pantsless Disaster (PHOTOS)

Here she is, Lily Allen at the Big Day Out music festival in Sydney, Australia. Now, a big day out can mean many different things to all kinds of people. For some it's about getting out of the house, maybe hitting up a fun indie rock festival. For others about draping oneself in some hippie's old tie-dyed curtains, not wearing any pants, and prancing around in front of thousands of people for an hour or so.

Click through our gallery to have you own big day out and get in on all the pantsless fun!



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  • heidi

    Does anyone know where her kaftan came from?? i love it!

  • sum1

    i like her

  • Alayna

    It's not photoshopped, but her legs arent that bad.. Thats what happens when you feet impact the ground, skin WILL move. It doesnt stay like that!

  • aaron

    she is stunning,i bet you could get anyones legs to look like that when there dancing and jumping around.

  • Kira

    Lily's the best!

  • larna

    anyone have any idea where i can purchase that kaftan... im in love =D x

  • mellie

    whether it is or not... Lily was jumping! We all jiggle a little while jumping.

  • mellie

    I was right up close and her cellulite didnt look that bad. Trust me people Lily looked beautiful on stage. Her smile just melted the crowd

  • mellie

    Yeah I was up close for this act and she looked $1 mil no joke. She looked gorgeous and performed so well.

  • Mansive

    She does have a little extra in the posterior .. hmm perhaps she could do with a little less whine ing ... i got some great butt exersisze .. hmm yeah ..

  • Marlo

    She looks sensational and worked the Camilla kaftans so well. Who cares if she has cellulite? Everyone's skin is going to shake around a bit if they're moving around.

  • rahrah

    photo shopped for sure! she is still beautiful even if it is real!

  • Bramber30

    Who cares wot she looks like as long as she carrys on singing cus she is great Love to Lils

  • meshmesh1233444

    if you were there she looked amazing

  • lea

    good on everyone (else) for sticking up for her! i was with the catering team and worked at her hordern gig as well. she is awesome. what woman doesnt have cellulite anyway! dancing and bad camera angles will do this to anyone. missthing and kristina need to stop bitching.

  • ..

    GET f*ckED, "some hippie's old tie-dyed curtains" f*ck you wouldn't know would you, To whatever dick head from celebuzz that wrote this, go die you don't even deserve a job. YOU DON'T WEAR PANTS WITH A DRESS ANYWAY fail

  • Lily

    oh well... is it photoshopped yes or no? :S

  • coco

    lily was amazing and looked so slim. everyones legs look jiggly and move about when you're dancing and jumping up and down! this is just another typical case of the media nitpicking and making a story out of well....nothing

  • Me

    I was there and right at the front too - this photo has been photoshopped.

  • Carla

    Lily performed an amazing set and looked fabulous. Regadless, her music and social commentary gives voice to an alternative perspective for women, namely that we can be independent as well as humourous. missthing06 and kristina, you need to get out more.

  • lizz

    i was there lily allen looked hot!!i'd like to see the person that wrote this artilcles legs.

  • amyyyyy

    i was there... they really did look like that

  • silly.

    i think people, MEANING THE MEDIA, need to get there tiny minds around the fact that fans were there FOR THE MUSIC. Nobody cares if her legs wobble - shes gorgeous. I had guys around me saying they would "do her", and many people agreeing. i say, in the words of this artist, f*ck you, f*ck you very very muchhhhhhhhhh

  • Sara

    I was there and I must admit I was shocked that her legs had SO much cellulite.....but these pictures are obviously taken as she was jumping around so all the flabby bits were in motion!

  • Sara

    I was there and right at the front - there has been no photoshopping!!! I was shocked, but she still rocked!!

  • Mike

    no wonder he didn't work in the bedroom, orange peel like that aint OK

  • Mike

    no wonder it didn't work in the peel like that aint OK

  • Mike

    no wonder it didn't work in the peel like that aint OK

  • Eve

    This has obviously been photoshopped by the stupid media. People at the concert said her legs looked fine.

  • sunny

    in her defence, it is extremely hot in Australia. especially in Sydney. About 41 degrees celsius, or 105.8 Fahrenheit

  • Dani

    I was there too. It was an amazing set and she looked really great! ... with the extreme heat... it was way too hot for pants anyway.


    get over it over 85% of people have cellulite. shes an awesome singer and a great performer to go out in the heat and jump round on stage. she was heaps good.

  • sez

    I think she looks gorgeous and sexy - the so called 'cellulite' shots are what *everyone's* thighs would look like when taken with a high-speed camera when you're dancing! She's cool

  • Jay

    Completely photoshopped. It has already been revealed.

  • Me

    I love Lily, with or without cellulite she is a true girl, precisely a true beautiful girl. Unfortunately not is my girl, is the girlfriend of Sam, this is the only thing that I don't like of her.

  • Unimpressed

    I was there right in the front and she looked amazing....get a life, who cares if her legs wobble a you really consider this worthwhile media?

  • Jess000

    i was there! they have taken these photos from a bad angle and she looked nothing like this!!! hot all over i say! when everyone walks they have jiggle, and i guess thats what happens to your legs when u jump up and down!!! i hate media!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • loz

    I was there and she looked hot.,.and she looked liek she was having heaps of fun n was comfortable in wat she was wearing... the only reason why those photos are a bit unflattering is because shes jumping around and obviously the editor chose the worst photos of her.. slack

  • Anna

    I'd imagine that her wardrobe choice was informed by the heat (Sydney was over 40 degrees Celcius yesterday) - considering hundreds of people were treated for heatstroke I think she was being quite sensible!

  • Alex

    she still rocked the crowd, no matter what she looks like. i saw her yeaterday and she was excellent!! :)

  • kristinapodaneva

    omg!!!!! ugh!!!! what happened 2 her

  • missthing06

    jk her legs looks really good here. maybe it was just how she was standing

  • missthing06

    Home girl Lily needs to hit the gym

  • julie04


  • kelly0eminemfan

    i love her to death but this is sooo unflattering no idea what she was thinking