Miley Cyrus Explains Lady GaGa To Joaquin Phoenix and Liv Tyler For Suicide? (VIDEO)

Miley Cyrus Explains Lady GaGa To Joaquin Phoenix and Liv Tyler For Suicide? (VIDEO)-photo

Hey guys, so Joaquin Phoenix is out of hiding, has finally shaved, and seems sober.  And is now making videos with Miley Cyrus. And ex-girlfriend Liv Tyler. They want you to vote. For Miley's organization that prevents suicide, called To Write Love On Her Arms, and help them raise $1 million. Umm... We just DO NOT understand.

Do you get this video AT ALL? Please watch below and enlighten us in the comment section!



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  • kali08

    if all these rich f*ckers really cared about donating money , they'd donate their own filthy money ........... where's all that hannah mountaina money ........ know im sayin' ?

  • user

    Hardest website URL to remember, ever.

  • Alex

    LOL. Because Lady Gaga is a genre of dance.

  • Cassy

    Leave Miley alone. She's doing this for a great cause. Seriously, if you don't like her, DON'T WATCH OR COMMENT ON THE VIDEO.

  • TskBlah

    Even when Miley does good, haters complain. Go figure!

  • nat

    Miley is doing such a great thing trying to raise this million dollars, props to her while you have hundreds of other celebrities doign nothing (besides all this recent haiti stuff) ATTA GIRL MILEY (Y)

  • lolo

    haters sucks,they secretly love miley,i bet it jealousy. i mean c'mon u hate someone but u keep fiding urself interesting on whatever they do.btw i love miley,love this gurl,great cause.

  • roeschs3

    hahaaaaa missthing06 that was funny what you wrote. this whole thing sadly made my day. what a disaster. poor liv

  • missthing06

    Haha that was a nice little bit of advertising for that. i WENT to vote but what happens if you don't have a facebook right? I know your probably saying..who doesn't have a facebook? & I DON'T. MWAHAHA. so Over Rated

  • Sonia Goldenberg
    Sonia Goldenberg

    Liv Tyler is gorgeous. And I HATE Miley. She'd better shut uo forever.

  • julie04

    Disgusting. Her voice, her singing and her behavior is just annoying.

  • noah

    I bet Miley and Joaquin swapped spit off camera.