Nick Jonas Has Theories On Conspiracies, And Stuff

Nick Jonas Has Theories On Conspiracies, And Stuff-photo

Hey y'all. Nick Jonas (and the Administration) has just released a new song and it's called "Conspiracy Theory." Does this kid love the presidency and politics, or whaaat?

Is it just us, or is lil' Nicky screaming and crooning a lot more than normal these days? Not that we're complaining. We just don't wanna see Selena Gomez cry anymore!

Take a listen to the newest single from his upcoming album "Who I Am" below:

What do you guys think? Will this be a hit? Share your thoughts on his latest song below!



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  • nickloverrrr

    he is so sweet he look like an angel!!! LOVE HIMMMMM!!!=D

  • Mariana Coronel Rodriges
    Mariana Coronel Rodriges

    jajja amo a los jonas pero no me parece muy buena esa cancion como dicen la hizo para sacar mas canciones mejoe es la letra qe el ritmo peor el videoclip esta muy buno!xdd nick sale lindooo xd pero faltan joe y kev! loz amo demaziado

  • noel

    I love It !!!!!!!!!! bien rockera la cancion ,me encanta

  • kali

    It's not leaked, his album already came out in Mexico, so naturally teen girls post his music on youtube. All his songs.

  • hinda

    hej jeg er nana er hinda el bashari jeg er19 år

  • m

    It's not the new single it's just a leaked song from the album

  • annamarie


  • karina

    This is a great song. I lcan't wait to buy the CD.

  • Folly Kdkjnfjonasmiller
    Folly Kdkjnfjonasmiller

    it will be a super hit !!!!!!!

  • Folly Kdkjnfjonasmiller
    Folly Kdkjnfjonasmiller

    Its awesome !!!!! i love him !!!!!!


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