‘Salute Your Shorts’: Where Are They Now?

We run, we jump, we swim and play, we row and go on trips. But the thing that lasts forever, are our dear friendships! Such powerful words, which you may remember from the theme song of seminal ’90s Nickelodeon teen camp classic, Salute Your Shorts.

Who could forget a world where ghost-repellent toothpaste is plentiful; where boxers flap triumphantly atop a flagpole; where wedgies are dished out daily by an obese pre-teen that proudly goes by the name of Donkey Lips? Camp Anawanna, we STILL hold you in hearts.

It’s been almost 20 years (!) since the kids of Camp Anawanna packed their bags, but click through the gallery to find out what Donkey Lips, Telly, Bobby Budnick and the rest of the gang are up to these days.