'Salute Your Shorts': Where Are They Now?

We run, we jump, we swim and play, we row and go on trips. But the thing that lasts forever, are our dear friendships! Such powerful words, which you may remember from the theme song of seminal '90s Nickelodeon teen camp classic, Salute Your Shorts.

Who could forget a world where ghost-repellent toothpaste is plentiful; where boxers flap triumphantly atop a flagpole; where wedgies are dished out daily by an obese pre-teen that proudly goes by the name of Donkey Lips? Camp Anawanna, we STILL hold you in hearts.

It's been almost 20 years (!) since the kids of Camp Anawanna packed their bags, but click through the gallery to find out what Donkey Lips, Telly, Bobby Budnick and the rest of the gang are up to these days.



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  • jason

    What is her facebook?

  • Zachariah

    Did he really get that many wedgies on the show? I only remember one... Zachariah

  • Todd

    Whoa! He looks like Harry Potter!

  • Ian

    She actually did an episode of Full House as Kathy Santoni, DJ and Kimmy's often talked about and rarely seen friend.

  • Ian

    She was in an episode of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction.

  • Robert

    I always thought she was hot even when I was a kid! WOW!!!

  • Fish

    No comments for sponge?

  • dmn

    Also he was in the crowd of ppl trying to get a date on mtvs singled out.

  • dman

    holy crap i never put it together that he was on boy meets world!

  • df,

    OH MY GOD!! I LOVED that show when I was a kid. I wish it would come out on DVD! Camp Anawanna! Yay! its on ioffer.com for 8 bucks. burned dvds of vcr quality but its said it will never officially b a dvd set

  • Brad

    she did go to IU school of law. and she is my friend on facebook. and she is still hot. You are best friends with Heidi Lucas. Tell her I said hi. Did she like living in Indiana?

  • Guest

    Don't forget abt DUDE WHERE'S MY CAR? He was one of the cult followers that got knocked out!

  • Andysucks101

    He actually wrote and directed that crap movie

  • mikey

    oh my god she is still smoking hot

  • max

    Nobody ever explained why he left the show. was it really acting wasn't for him that's all I heard? morally he was the main character. look past harry the hippo & applaude'em. you da man Erik!

  • l.y.p.$.e.

    Haaaaaaa........i'm in heaven! one of the nick stars that made me enthusiastic about tuning in every week!

  • l.y.p.$.e.

    Always beautiful til the day she dies! love that woman! I envy the lucky bastard whoever's with her! mwah-BANG!

  • l.y.p.$.e.

    should've gathered Sponge & Donkeylips to hang Pinskey on the flagpole and salute his shorts by the end of season 2!

  • l.y.p.$.e.

    should've had a season 3!

  • l.y.p.$.e.

    she being a priss which Zeke the Plumber exposed. LoL the scariest scene on that episode too.

  • max

    would've bee cool to see'em in a short love scene with Telly since they hated each other.

  • Jonny

    i agree - this article is the worst - it shoulda just been a video clip

  • kayla

    She hated the sight of blood.

  • Guest

    What was that, AMP Energy drink commercial where he was the tow truck drive and hooked up jumper cables to his nipples, drank the drink, then jumpstarted a stranded person's car?

  • WHIT

    Same here, I think the store was called From Another Planet? Something like that.

  • WHIT

    I remember shortly after the end of the show, I saw Donkey Lips working at that scifi store at Universal CityWalk. He was a little uncomfortable when I asked him but otherwise cool.

  • NumberOneSuz

    How freaking funny! When i was clicking on the link i was thinking how funny it would be if it was Salute your shorts!!!

  • NPIO

    Too bad they don't make shows like that anymore lol

  • guestname

    "The amount of sloppy typos on this website are ridiculous." The amount of sloppy typos on this website IS ridiculous.

  • jameese

    lma0! made me g0 awayy t0 camps!

  • Mina Bee
    Mina Bee

    lol yess! me and my sister lived for nickelodeon shows back then

  • kevin
    kevin "ug" lee

    telly also wore glasses. that's about all i remember

  • yingyang

    she did go to IU school of law. and she is my friend on facebook. and she is still hot.

  • Megan

    When I went to Universal Studios (LA) in 9th grade (so like Dec 1999), he was working at one of the shops outside and my friend and I got really excited and followed him around the store trying to gather the courage to get an autograph. He totally saw us and offered. He couldn't have been nicer. He looked just like he did on Salute Your Shorts. That was one of my first celebrity autographs. Ahhh memories.

  • Jack

    "Where are they now?" No. You didn't answer that with this one. Consider renaming this article to something more accurate.

  • Brooke

    She was also their token minority character.

  • professional?

    " Heidi Lucas reportedly Indiana University School of Law" The amount of sloppy typos on this website are ridiculous.

  • Dawn Swinson
    Dawn Swinson

    She's gorgeous!

  • AmyKB

    there was the storyline where she had horrible glasses and went to contacts.

  • Bonnie

    He had one gig I can think of. He was 'Monica's prom date' in the one with the Video on Friends, season 2.

  • Danielle Shearer
    Danielle Shearer

    Safe The Whales echo echo echo

  • Danielle Shearer
    Danielle Shearer

    he turned into a cutie

  • dat logic
    dat logic

    Did that guy f*cking AGE?

  • Amber

    so in other words, the douchey counselor is the person typing the 'where are they now' biographies? am i right?

  • Rachel

    I had the biggest crush on that guy. He was so cute!

  • Rachel

    OH MY GOD!! I LOVED that show when I was a kid. I wish it would come out on DVD! Camp Anawanna! Yay!

  • Rachel

    She's gorgeous. She was always one of my fave characters.

  • Hee hee hee
    Hee hee hee



    Camp Anawanna, we hold you in our hearts and when we think about you, IT MAKES ME WANNA FART! It's I hope we never part! Now get it right or pay the price! Now we will share a lifetime of the fondest memories. By the lake of Anawanna, something about pine trees.....

  • HAHa

    Oh man, I had such a crush on him. My sister thought I was so gross...

  • Reed Dahms
    Reed Dahms

    Haha, I totally recognize Ronnie Pinsky from Boy Meets World, totally forgot he was in this show.

  • Anna

    Actually, Blake and Winona aren't together anymore.

  • amanda

    Telly hated the sound of nail clippers. Dina once taunted her by clipping her nails near Telly's bed. Telly also hated the idea of ever attending a "Ball" and wearing a fancy dress

  • Mike

    I like your site ok, but this "where are they now" is horrible. You describe one girl as "reportedly Indiana Law School [sic]" and another as "fallen off the face of the Earth." Duh.

  • missthing06

    she's naturally gorg..but i haven't seen her in any new movies..

  • missthing06

    i like Paris with brown hair, very nice:)

  • missthing06

    It's crazy when they grow up and do something else. If i were in show business as a child..I'd keep with it