Brangelina Rumors Are Total B.S., Y'all

Brangelina Rumors Are Total B.S., Y'all-photo

Did you hear the one about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie breaking up? Totally not true, for the 100th time.

Last night, a British report began circulating on the Internet claiming that the pair had sought the help of a well-known LA lawyer earlier this month to make a breakup as smooth as possible for their six children. The split would involve joint custody of the children and a complete seperation of assets.

However, in a statement made last night, reps for the couple denied any breakup between the Golden couple, calling all rumors “total b.s."

Shocking, we know.

Are you as sick of the constant Brangelina rumors as we are? Let us know in the comment section.



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  • os

    y do people mk a mountain outa a mole hill.these guys are perfectly happy and jen aint complainin so just drop it and leave them alone!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tllover2012

    i just want brad and jen back together. im not hating on angelina but they dont and never did look good together....

  • wm

    When was the last time there was a photo of Brad looking happy

  • val

    Since when was brad forced into having babies. He went on National tv to cry about babies how he wanted a soccer field of them. It is 2010 but yet the double standard still exists...this is freaking ridiculous

  • john

    i think she just pays people/media off so people don't see anything bad about her. i bet brad wishes he was with jen but he is tied down with all the babies she gets/buys.

  • miafrea

    well, madonna's reps said the same about her marriage to guy ritchie about a week before the official split. i agree that there are a lot of false and pathetic "news" about brad pitt and angelina jolie, but i don't think they're a happy couple.