Donatella Versace Is Trying To Destroy Our Eyeballs By Sunbathing Topless (PICS)

UPDATE: According to sources, the woman in this photo isn’t actually Donatella Versace, but an amazingly authentic and equally horrifying doppelganger. Which can only mean one thing: Donatella Versace has cloned herself. Run for your lives!

We’re not really sure what the world has done to incur fashion designer Donatella Versace’s wrath, but one thing is for certain: the aged Italian mistress is on a mission to single-handedly blind the entire universe with her beachside bikini antics in St. Barths. Those leathery old bags of silicon will now be seared into our retinas for the rest of time. Thanks for that, Donatella.

Click through our gallery to see how many pics you can make it through before everything gets fuzzy and you are no longer able to see things.