Lindsay Lohan Vows to Save Haiti With Her Leggings

Lindsay Lohan’s Global Child-Saving Campaign is continuing with all the philanthropic momentum of a runaway freight train! Hot on the heels of LiLo’s heroic rescue of 40 at-risk Indian children—and her vow to single-handedly save Guatemala—the Just My Luck actress has stepped up to address the crisis in Haiti, where an estimated 200,000 people have perished following a devastating 7.0 earthquake earlier this month.

Is she heading down to Haiti to join the rescue effort? No—she’s taking more decisive action. She’s selling her 6126 leggings line to benefit the earthquake victims. Which is not a cynical attempt to exploit a tragedy in order to boost sales of a flagging clothing endeavor at all, so stop saying that.

Lindsay announced on 6126’s official Web site,

“It is truly horrible what has happened to the people and children in Haiti. I believe every company should do their part to help by donating what they can. Please help us do our part for the Children of Haiti by purchasing this 6126 legging. I am proud to announce that we are giving 100%  of all the proceeds to Haiti’s children through an organization I am passionate about, Save the Children.”

What’s more, the stretch Silver Poly Spandex leggings are being offered or “A SPECIAL PRICE FOR HAITI $65″!!!!!

And if that effort fails, Lohan will be airdropping the unsold leggings over Port-au- Prince. Because, aside from providing durable material for temporary shelter, the poly-pandex garments will keep earthquake victims and rescue workers alike looking stylish.

Plus, the built-in kneepads will come in handy when they pray that Lindsay Lohan never gets involved in their plight again.