Miley Cyrus Hijacks Puppy’s Cuteness In Blatant Attempt at Image Control (PHOTOS)

So your position as Tween America’s reigning princess has been endangered by a series of unfortunate decisions. How do you reverse the damage done to your once-squeaky-clean image in a hurry? If you’re Miley Cyrus, you parade through the streets of West Hollywood with a fluffy white puppy whose cuteness is capable of making everyone forget whatever unseemly events that might have transpired in your past.

Witness the “Party in the USA” songbird clutching her pooch Mate—how did she not name it Snowball?—during a shopping excursion yesterday. If you were shopping for a little love from the public, Ms. Cyrus, mission accomplished. And well-played.

Click through the photo gallery to see Miley’s dogged pursuit of a more wholesome image.