Rorschach Test Results From Britney Spears’ Quest To Prove Her Own Sanity

It’s been two long years since Britney Spears did her best impression of the flightless cuckoo bird and, for her own protection, the courts ordered a conservatorship be created to control the plasticine diva’s bank accounts and major personal decisions. The recovering diva re-visited the judge overseeing her case this past Friday to seek to modify her conservatorship and was given the big “DENY” on any major changes. 

While it appears that Britney has recently done a decent job of centering her mind and body, we can only surmise that the results of this totally imagined Rorschach (ink blot) test played a major role in the decision to keep the conservatorship in place.


Photo 12A

Common reponses:  sculpture, fountain, chess pieces

Britney’s response:  me and my two kids and we love each other so much and those other parts splattered all over the place are Kevin’s head and arms and guts, but I didn’t do it.


Common responses:  frog, smirking face, airplanes

Britney’s response:  me in my favorites jammies eating a bowl of giant eggs filled with gasoline and the North Star.

Photo 35B

Common responses: butterfly, two ladies sharing tea, leaves

Britney’s response: That’s me pretending to be nice to Ke$ha who everybody says might be the next me, but when she takes the bottle of strawberry Daiquiri mix I bought her, I give her a good ole trailer park beat down.

Photo 37C

Common responses:  paintballs, snowflake, fluffy puppy

Britney’s response:  You know when your head hits the table and smooshes up the cocoa puff balls that were trying to escape?  Just like that kinda.

Photo 42A

Common responses:  crown, dancer, chandelier

Britney’s response:  kitty cat with bruises, oh, no, run, kitty, run!