The ‘Jersey Shore’ Cast Could Become the Menudo of Reality TV

So long, Snooki. See you later, Situation.

The orange-skinned fist-pumpers of Jersey Shore may have captured and enraptured America’s hearts, but MTV apparently isn’t feeling the love. The network is reportedly considering replacing the cast in light of recent iron-fisted contract renegotiations.

Snooki, Pauly D and the rest of the crew have been lobbying hard for a big pay raise for the show’s second season, because the first season of Jersey Shore turned out to be a monster hit and, let’s face it, hair gel and spray tans don’t come cheap, even if you buy them in bulk. MTV has attempted to meet the celebrated guidos and guidettes halfway, offering each of them $10,000 per episode, but JWoWW, et al, are holding out, and the former music station could be preparing to move on to Plan B. Sources say that if the cast doesn’t accept MTV’s terms they could be looking for work again at the T-shirt shop by the end of the day.

Jersey Shore, without the beach-flipping, punch-absorbing antics of Snooki? While such a thought may seem inconceivable, the cast should keep in mind—there’s always someone younger and hungrier out there who’s looking to catch a break.

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