Tiger Woods’ Wife Obviously Isn’t Very Trustworthy

If trust is the cornerstone of a solid relationship, it’s no wonder that Tiger Woods and Elin’s Nordegren’s marriage is in shambles. Because, clearly, Nordegren isn’t someone who can be trusted.

New details about the couple’s marital woes are emerging, revealing a series of sneaky maneuvers perpetrated by Nordegren that directly led to the couple’s Thanksgiving melee at their Windermere, Florida home.

According to sources, Nordegren, after reading allegations about Woods’ extramarital activities in the National Enquirer, waited until the golf champ had fallen asleep in an Ambien-induced slumber and rifled through the text-message records on his cell phone. Upon discovering one message that Tiger had sent to his alleged mistress, New York-based club hostess Rachel Uchitel, that read, “You are the only one that I loved,” Elin concocted a stealth sting operation: A little after 1 a.m., Nordegren, posing as her husband, texted Uchitel with a message reading, “I miss you. When are we seeing each other again?” At which point, Uchitel made the fatal blunder of sending a message back indicating that they had just spoken earlier that evening.

Nordegren quickly called Uchitel, who, thinking she was about to talk to her alleged illicit lover, foolishly answered.

“I knew it was you,” Nordegren told an unsuspecting Uchitel, who promptly replied, “Oh, f*ck” and hung up.

After which, the spit hit the fan and the nine-iron hit the window of Woods’ Escalade. All of which could have been avoided if Elin Nordegren had chosen not to snoop through her slumbering husband’s phone records.

Let that be a lesson, people: It just doesn’t pay to sneak around like that.