Tila Tequila Calls Heidi Montag Fake in Latest Round of Grieving

Tila Tequila is continuing to work through the mourning process following the death of her beloved fiancée, Casey Johnson, in the best way she knows how—by belittling other celebrities in a public forum.

Following her therapeutic lambasting of Transformers beauty Megan Fox last week, the former A Shot at Love vixen has taken aim at recently transformed Hills blonde Heidi Montag—for being too “fake.”

Uh-huh, that’s right. Heidi Montag, with her recent spree of cosmetic surgery, has become so inauthentic that even Tila Tequila feels free to call her out on it.

The Widow Tequila tells Radar Online

“She’s gone overboard…Her whole relationship is fake, her whole show is fake, her whole marriage is fake, everything about her is fake. So now it just makes sense that her whole face is fake.”

Heavens, a fake relationship? That’s a bold claim, Tila—particularly since some might suggest that you’re pretty much the voice of experience on that topic.

The former MySpace sensation went on to complain,

“[Montag]’s sending out a really, really, really, really, really, really, really bad message to other young girls out there who might look up to her. It’s telling these girls, ‘Don’t feel good about yourself, get as much plastic surgery as you can.'”

Says the woman who’s freely admitted to having breast-augmentation surgery.

We’re frankly not sure who to root for in this battle, but clearly there’s only one way to settle it. Implants at dawn, anyone?

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