Brangelina vs. The Jonas Brothers: Which Break-Up Would Be Worse?

It’s Celebuzz’s first ever CELEBRITY TEAR FACTOR, where we breakdown just how many tears will be shed from the sad, tragic, but ultimately, sporting dissolution of our favorite celebrity couples, groups, and programs.

On today’s CELEBRITY TEAR FACTOR, we measure up the pending breakup of the super celebrity power couple of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with the likely end of the mega-boy-band known as Jonas Brothers.



The couple affectionately known as Brangelina, though we’ve always cottoned to the more feminist minded, Angrad

There was a time when this couple was THE Hollywood couple to watch.  Brad had recently left his marriage with Jennifer Aniston, wooed by what was rumored at the time to be a combination of sexually-charged voodoo and raw procreative powers on the part of Angelina.  Brad could barely mumble a few words, and those words were, “As you command, my love.”

But, over the course of several years, and eighty-five children, the couple now appears to have come back to Earth and the normal parameters of human relationships.  Arguments, bickering, and discussions over when Brad plans on cutting his ridiculous chin-fur.


Nevertheless, many have grown to love this formerly passionate pairing of two Hollywood hotties and have vested much emotion in their ongoing something-close-to-matrimonial relationship.  Some tears will be shed when these two join the long list of “formers” and “ex’s”

Just how much water will run down cheeks?


We give is a 3 out of 5 on the CELEBRITY TEAR FACTOR scoreboard.



NickJoeKevin.  Say it ain’t so.

Was it really just four short years ago that the brothers from New Jersey issued their first single, “Mandy”, which would lead to quick success, the sale of eight million albums, successful tours, movies and guest appearances on the Disney Channel, and even a meeting at the White House to discuss important foreign policy decisions with then President Bush?

But “dragons last forever, but not so little boys”, and so it seems with our Jonas Brothers. 

With youngest brother Nick set sail on his own musical course, with band, The Administration, middle brother Joe talking about following in his younger brother’s solo path, and elder bro Kevin making up for lost time with the recent discarding of his purity ring.  This could be the end of the Jonas Brothers as we know and love it.

How many tears will be shed upon their breakup?


We give is a 5 out of 5 on the CELEBRITY TEAR FACTOR scoreboard.

Muchas lagrimas.