Heidi Montag's New Face Does Some Yoga (PHOTOS)

Oh, get ready you guys. The new Heidi Montag was completely caught off guard when paps spotted her practicing yoga with her instructor outdoors on Saturday afternoon. Completely off guard. She just has no idea why anyone would be taking her picture outside of the Paparazzi Clubhouse where she likes doing her yoga... And yes, her tank top really says "Bony Pony Ranch."

This is just too much for us to deal with. See this for yourself in our new gallery, and be sure to let us know which pose is your favorite in the comment section. Our personal fave? The 'Downward Facing Triple D'!



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  • apples

    i agree! when i used to watch the hills, i was like hey, heidi is wayyyy prettier than this lauren girl.

  • Hater

    So sad Heidi and Spencer are fake as HELL!!! Heidi is not going to make it as a singer. FYI Spencer looks like a monkey. He needs to get a major make over too. Hes the most rudest individual I have ever seen on TV no perfesionalism from his behalf. If its all a act well he succeeded in getting people to hate him. NO FAN OF HEIDI OR SPENCER> LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO TO THEM IN A COUPLE OF YEARS WHEN THERE 15 MINUTES OF FAME IS GONE.

  • PlasticsDoc

    As a top plastic surgeon, I would have to say that Heidi's little stint cannot be rated "A+," or even really "B+." Notice how unnatural she looks, and how the angles of her new face are not in line with what we (plastics specialists) consider ideal. What a mess.

  • ta

    what's with porn-star pace?

  • Lauren

    This girl needs attention. Fake bitch. She looked way better before, now she looks ugly. Just ugly, fake and older. f*ck you Heidi.

  • roxanne

    she's not even surprised she full on called up her paparazzo fan club (aka spencer) got all dolled up and set up the whole yoga photo shoot its all fake just like her cat-looking face.

  • lizzy

    you look f*cking sick bitch

  • Callie

    I have watched the hills since day one, hiedi wasnt the pretiest thing but when the show aired the next season she looked alot better she was gorgeous. but now she looks a mess. she should have kept her second plastic surgery look. her husbands a weirdo, you mean to tell me it couldnt tell her enough was enough. i mean he controls her in every other aspect of her life. i think he was pushing her through it telling her she would look like better her new face is ugly she looks like a cougar aged women trying to relive her youth and shes 23 she didnt need all of that. she looked ok with her orginal look that God gave her and stunning with the first plastic surgery but she has gone to far. when does one become concerned with health and her husbands a lame whos only claim to fame is hiedi. and she looks a mess but now shes getting more attention than every but not in a good way. heidi montag pratt u look horrible. why didnt she keep her previous look, at least then she was one of the hottest girls on the ils now shes the less desirable

  • andre

    she is so hot now

  • Susie Pseudonym
    Susie Pseudonym

    Think of how much aid she could have provided to the Haitians with the money she squandered on cosmetic surgery to make herself look even more bland and blond.

  • Linds

    I don't think she can close her mouth.


    she finally did it...SHE BECAME A PORNSTAR!

  • meg

    the biggest question of all...WHY is she wearing power bracelets?!? pretty sure those went out of style when i was in the 5th grade...in 1999!

  • nomko

    Well I gotta say she looks much better than when she was in that interview good for her but still she can be kinda like Joan Rivers young version :P

  • rach


  • katty

    who gives a flying sh*t in hell? she's a media whore DUH!!! stop caring about her!

  • de

    She use to be so pretty

  • sarah

    Haha. No lie, girl looks good, but plastic. If she had been born w/ the genes to end up looking like this, I'd be really jealous, 'cause her body is BANGIN'!!!! hey-o! As it is, I do feel a little sorry for her. This isn't a good angle for the implants, they look like they might break out of her skin. Those things have GOT to be heavy. But the stupidest thing about these pics are the bracelets. Give me a break! Like she's all spirtual & sh*t. You are CHRISTIAN not HINDU or BUDDHIST. Or is that fake too?? Wouldn't surprise me at all! Hope she reads this stuff.

  • Emily Fishigan
    Emily Fishigan

    o god! she reminds me of a wax figure! those boobies must wanna eat her! she used 2 b very pretty, now... well alll i can say is that all im thinking about is "Sream"..........

  • SIG

    Her posing, doing yoga pics after she just got surgery... Hmmm this is sooo contradicting. Unless she's doing it to feel good i can maybe understand. but if she'd doing yoga to stay fit after just havin unnecesary lipo on her legs then why even try.. She's just gonna have even more lipo anyway. She was much prettier before, and the only reason people made so much fun of her before was because she was soo stuck up and full of herself. Other than that she really was pretty.. too late now

  • pao

    i cant belive her, she's now an old drag queen, she used to be pretty.....

  • nnnazzz

    eww she's like doing a photoshoot for a porn website and that's just gross.I miss the natural Heidi :/

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, the result is amazing. She looked pretty than before but her before face is sweeter and now is a bit sophisticated looking. What I don't like is the breast enlargement which is not in proportion with her body structure. Sad that she is always seeking attention. Well, she's trying to make a living.

  • raena

    fake or not, and i hate to say it but she does look better. not encouraging that, but still. i think she is onto something...

  • BigRed

    Now this chick is 100% nuts! She was a perfect 10 before her many plastic surgeries! I think after her plastics it dropped her down to an 7.5-8!

  • BigRed

    Now this chick is 100% nuts! She was a perfect 10 before her many plastic surgeries! I think after her plastics it dropped her down to an 7.5-8!

  • Emilie


  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    she doesnt have any other faces ? I'm sure she can't move her face because of all the surgeries !!

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    This is hilarious picture :D:D:D

  • Only have PITY!
    Only have PITY!

    Funny how the male comments are just how they want to sleep with her (which is mild compared to what they are saying. Smashing surely isn't sweet and loving!!) and women think she's sad, insecure, and/or stupid. Sad commentary on fame in America and not what I want my teenage daughter to want to be.

  • Rebecca Bryan
    Rebecca Bryan

    I love how she is looking directly into the paps camera.. She is a fame whore and sadly we are giving her whats she wants, which is to be noticed!

  • nirmalkumarupdhye

    hot boobs want to crush

  • Hello!

    Spencer's a scumbag. BUT an old saying goes...birds of a feather, flock together. OK! I used to like her....she does seem to be a better human than Spencer...but they are all ACTING so who knows! But anyone that is 23 (and looks that "sculpted") and having had at least 12 procedures (she'd had two surgeries and how much botox BEFORE the day of 10) and is married to Spencer has got to have some serious issues!! Not what tweens should be emulating. To justify the procedures in an interview that she has to feel good "on the inside" and that young girls have to understand it's due to her "line of work". It all makes me want to slap some sense into her (not literally). She was the prettiest girl on The Hills, now she looks like a weird (and overdone like Jayde), spoiled rich girl.

  • blubb

    I think she's become prettier!

  • James


  • NoName

    Her boobs are Wretched! I would ask for a refund if mine turned out like that. She looked 20000000000x times better before all this BS. What a fake and superficial girl. I almost feel sorry for her.

  • lizbizz11

    I just got awful images in my head with these weird poses she is doing..

  • someone

    ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? get a life a little les superficial.. you are a total freakk

  • FAKE


  • vpopadiuc87

    she doesnt have any other faces ?

  • Fatima

    She is not doing yoga in these photos any more than she is flying an airplane in them.

  • TerriblyTexas

    You judgemental haters are blinded by your own jealousy. Heidi is HOT, HOT, HOT!!! She looks fabulous!

  • obsessed

    damn DDD boobies

  • BellzBella

    LOL at her boobs. Hey brow lift is crooked also.

  • sarah ashley
    sarah ashley

    she has pretty hair. that's it. and, that's fake too.

  • sarah ashley
    sarah ashley

    wow. this wasn't staged or anything. who does yoga in full-face makeup? she's such an idiot.


    oh..wow. She looks..interesting. Why would she go and ruin her face AND body like that? She doesnt even look like the same person anymore. and yeah, her left boob DOES look suspiciously wonky. like it has a mind of its own.

  • LaughinInNM

    u can almost see down her pants!hwy the hell did she get a nose job?!I think she looked better before and FYI Heidi..Spencer is a 2 time loser!!

  • C


  • harmony

    yeah her left boob looks really wonky here huh?

  • Harmony

    Im love Heidi. Its Spencer you all hate. I think she looks alot prettier but she was beautiful before

  • yoyottelapuce

    that's.... Pathetic! A pure mediatic photoshoot.. And that plastic surgery is ugly as hell...

  • noah

    She seriously looks like a big boobed blow-up sex doll. I love it.

  • K

    My first thought: Oh! her bOObs don't look that big! *looked further up the pic at yoga pants with a cavern for a stomach* My second thought: Daaaaamn I take that back.

  • keepinitreal

    this bitch is ridiculous its pretty sad already!