Kanye West's Girlfriend Amber Rose Is Really Good At Wearing Things (PHOTOS)

Kanye West doesn't even need to use caps, let alone talk at all anymore. His girlfriend, model Amber Rose is a big enough statement herself. All week, the couple has been spotted wearing absolutely crazy outfits at Paris Fashion Week, with Amber doing most of the work. Girlfriend is absolutely craaazy.

To see what we mean, click through our new, ZOOM-able gallery. But shh...we wouldn't want them to get a big ego or anything.



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  • dnizzy

    i like this pic soo cute (smiling)

  • Trish

    She looks like she stinks - funky in a bad way!!

  • crystal

    she should of wear a black body suite

  • crystal

    she should of wear a black bodysuite it wouldn' t look so mad. the dress is hot

  • JC

    Hahahahahahaha too funny!

  • Becky

    Wat the f*ck is dat

  • korbi

    his head is HUGE

  • me

    I see her nipple. :-/

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    But I love those pink Nike :-***

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    I will have nightmares !!!!

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    This is the worst thing I have ever seen !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will have nightmares !!!

  • Rebecca Bryan
    Rebecca Bryan

    Kanye: I don't want to steal your moment here 'Avatar' But Amber has the BEST ALIEN COSTUME OF THE YEAR!

  • Anonymous