Kristen Stewart Sells Herself for Haiti. No, Not Like That.

While pretty much all of Hollywood pitched in for earthquake-ravaged Haiti at last Friday’s telethon, Kristen Stewart—who couldn’t attend due to this weekend’s Sundance Film Festival—took a different approach to providing desperately needed help: She raffled off her own presence.

According to Scott Bloom, producer of K-Stew’s new movie Welcome to the Rileys—which had its premiere at the Park City, Utah, festival this weekend—Stewart “[was upset] she could not be doing the telethon,” so she decided to host four women at the festival, with the proceeds going toward earthquake relief.

The cost of hanging out with K-Stew, airfare and accommodations included? “They paid, like, a thousand dollars a piece for tickets which went to support the cause for Haiti,” adds Rileys co-producer Giovanni Agnelli. Sounds like a bargain.

Tell us in the comments section: How much would you shell out for some quality time with Kristen Stewart, especially if it was for a good cause?