Taylor Momsen Is Just Like Whatever About Ruining Your Children

Taylor Momsen Is Just Like Whatever About Ruining Your Children-photo

Looking for a role model for your kids to look up to in these troubled and often confusing times? That's great—just don't look in Taylor Momsen's direction. Because she'll probably bite your head off.

In a new interview, the 16-year-old Gossip Girl charmer—who's garnered quite the reputation lately for her clothing-averse fashion sense and general disregard for humanity—lets the parents of the world know that if their kids decide to follow her along the highway to hell, that's their problem. So there. And eff you while she's at it.

The budding starlet asserted,

"To be honest, I don't f*cking care. I didn't get into this to be a role model. So I'm sorry if I'm influencing your kids in a way that you don't like, but I can't be responsible for their actions. I don't care."

Another thing she doesn't care about? The fact that she lost out the title role of Hannah Montana to Miley Cyrus. Yes, it's apparently true—before she became the Pied Piper of Profanity and Pantlslessness, Momsen was up for the part, but as she (and, in retrospect, probably everyone else in the world) sees it, it's probably best that she didn't get it:

"Honestly, if I'd have ended up as Hannah Montana, I don't know if the show would have gone as well. I probably would have told them all to go f*ck themselves by the time I hit 11."

Yeah, that probably wouldn't have been good. Besides, that sort of language is probably best suited for iCarly.



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  • azzie

    I honestly like Taylor. Taylor acts the way she wants and don't care what anyone thinks about her and that's a good thing :)

  • cutiecakes536

    just have to say for all these people saying shes not a good role model... shes on a night time "soap opera" ..your kids shouldnt be watching her anyway! its about the lives of highschoolers... now miley on the other had was actually on a kids show so she should show a LITTLE more dignity.. but i still dotn agree with taylors actions.

  • Camila

    ick shes so gross & trashy. at least miley is classy, ew why are we comparing them again? miley is america's sweetheart right now and this chick is like a background character on gossip girl lmao haha, and being "america's sweetheart" is something good? I'd love to be alienated and deify a teenager with no talent and basically no opinion to give ¬¬' please, look at her lyrics! You all criticize Taylor for not helping Haiti, but did you do something besides judging people based on the events they go or how many people they adopt? As Brian Johnson says, you have to do your part, not brag about it to make your image. Taylor expresses herself, and I respect her for that. There's not so much to say about Haiti when you live in a country which is only interested in dominating others, no matter the cost. Oh, the USA donated millions, and helped to distribute suplies? Of course, they will take an enormous advantage later. Ur f*cking morons if you think your nation is humanist and correct.

  • djsfh

    shes a piece of sh*t... we won't give a f*ck about her anymore once she turns to sh*t with her dumbass music career... f*ckher.

  • Hannah

    I find her public persona unintentionally hilarious, and yet I still like her. She seems to be busy doing things she likes and legitimately uninterested in the public at large, and I suspect that she will one day turn into Drew Barrymore. Plus, she is the rare celebrity-turned-singer who can actually sing, which is pretty awesome.

  • Lori

    I like the fact that Taylor is being honest about what she thinks and she seems like a strong (and strong-worded and strong-minded) girl. Still she sounds so sh*tty when she was talking like that and like a right bitch.

  • rims

    she really tries too hard not to care... and whats up with all the horrible eye make-up. dress like you're 16 not 26...

  • Geena

    where the f*ck do you go saying s*it about iCarly?

  • sophia

    ick shes so gross & trashy. at least miley is classy, ew why are we comparing them again? miley is america's sweetheart right now and this chick is like a background character on gossip girl lmao

  • Annette

    Oh, shut the f*ck up!! Taylor has every right in the world to say that she doesn't f*cking care. Again as she says so herself, she got into this business to be an actress, not a role model! If SOME children want to look up to her, then that's not her responsibility. If the children does something their parents don't like, that's certainly not Taylor's fault. So again, SHUT THE f*ck UP! LIKE YOU GUYS DIDN'T USE THAT LANGUAGE WHEN YOU WERE SIXTEEN. DON'T EVEN TRY TO DENY IT!!!!

  • JZ

    LOL. But that is the atittude.

  • ASK ME
    ASK ME

    SHE TRIES TOO HARD like yeah, you don't have to be a role model but don't go out of your way to not be a role model

  • tonga

    she's right about one thing she's not supposed to be a role model to anyone, she's a teen after all, as for the Haiti thing that, didn't have anything to do with her age, she was just heartless, it wouldn't matter her age.

  • uch

    "Has she even f----ed" something tells me she has, many times. Hate this cold, selfish BRAT.

  • blah blah blah talkin
    blah blah blah talkin

    she is such a bitch she said how she didnt want to talk about the haiti thing someone needs to slap this abomination of a subhuman in her face

  • Christina

    She's real...I like that But unnecessary to keep throwing the f bomb, its unattractive



  • Annabelle

    Who the hell is this chick? She can start talking like this when she actually has some notoriety. I hate these fake-ass one-time Hollywood starlets. When Gossip Girl is over, she'll be a used up druggie just like the rest of them. Good riddance. I hope she's gone soon.

  • Laura

    Please read this: In my opinion,all the taylor-haters have no clue about having the status of an icon...Gossip Girl's not made for 11-year-old pubescent teenage girls,she DOES NOT have to be a rolemodel for those kids. She is not f*cked up like those disney-girly stars (miley,selena...) who pretend to be an amazing role model..i think the disney stars have to say,what is wrote down on their contract and NOT what they think themselves...they are not real people... taylor doesnt act cool...she IS! because of her real self-confidence!!! she says what she thinks and that's why she's better than those dishonest disney-image celebs! that's what u ppl should get. if u're kids watch GG and turn 'overdressed'(or what u call taylor) than it's YOUR fault and not hers!! -Laura

  • LuLu

    I like her! The got attitude, and why should she be a role model? We've got Miley and Selena, and man do they do my head in! She's not up herself, this Taylor, she's just revealing the real her! x x x

  • Bruce

    Taylor is a darn nice young person. She has been very nice to me and my daughter on Myspace. I don't think it is fair to take comments like this out of context and blow them out of proportion. She is an actress, and getting any part in Hollywood is very hard. She had a good laugh when I said that as a parent I'd ground Jenny - that is a part she plays. Not her. Of course Jenny is not a role model. But Taylor is hard working and industrious, and very good at her profession. I'd be happy if my daughter got 1/10 the roles she does.

  • psssshh

    self absorbed much! ++ she was like 11 when she auditioned for hannah montanna so what is she on about! she tries so hard to be a somebody but is just failing, obviously jealous of miley n all!

  • tromba

    Where are this skank's parents? Cashing the paychecks?

  • fdf

    i really dont think she has to be a role model. i mean what little 12 year olds watch GOSSIP GIRL? at they watch disney and cyrus is their role model. just ignore taylor. im sur she'llbe washed up or courtney love and she's trying to act bad*ss

  • manictemptress

    Where are her parents? If that was my daughter, I'd wash her mouth out with soap, she's still legally a minor!

  • foxy

    Hey F you think Miley wants to be a role model? im pretty sure she said in an interview once that kids shouldnt look up at her because she's not perfect either and although she didnt say it the way T did, but she did say that its not her job to tell ppls kids whats right or wrong or something like that. and I agree with M and T its not their job to tell kids what to do. thats what parents are for. i hate it when ppl slam Miley for being too good or too slutty. damn......its like she cant go right or left?? WTF. Taylors attitude rocks. no manners? yeah. but who cares, shes right their entertainers. their job is to "mainly" to entertain. not to tell your kids what to do. F*ck that. If parents rely on celebrity role models....well sh*t the world might as well come to an end. GET A REAL ROLE MODEL! not some teeny bopper whose trying to figure life out themselves

  • Donna

    if she doesnt effing care ...why does she TRY so hard? i feel embarrassed for her. She just says all this sh*t to get attention. SO THE NEXT LINDSAY LOHAN.

  • shellbelle

    Someone should teach this little, snot nosed brat some manners. She really thinks she's bad @ss lol.

  • F.

    Honestly. That's what I like about Taylor. The fact that she assumes her acts. She honest, she doesn't care. Doesn't pretend she does and/or try to justify her acts - Others... like Milsh*t, I'm SO sorry, I meant MILEY. Never heard that girl say 'I don't care. I'm sorry. It's not my responsibility.' its more like 'I'm a good model, shut up.' I'm not saying that Taylor is EXTREMELY right but, seriously, let's look at the facts...

  • hannah

    I agree, she isn't a role model and she knows it ... so, don't let yours kids do whatever they want, take care of them and satay away from Taylor.

  • !!

    and u say that miley is a bitch ..... she is a good role model compared to taylor ... at least she would never say that ...

  • wowow

    LOL shes 16.... and saying f*ck in an interview? Has she even "f*cked?" Maybe she should fully grasp the word before using it. Shes still really young.