Tila Tequila Will Prove She's Pregnant—For a Price

Tila Tequila Will Prove She's Pregnant—For a Price-photo

Most celebrities wait until their babies are born to start hawking the pictures around. But then, most celebrities lack the awesome entrepreneurial prowess of Tila Tequila.

The former A Shot at Love vixen—who's been claiming on and off that she's pregnant, when she hasn't been mourning the loss of her fiancée, Casey Johnson—has an ultrasound image to prove once and for all that she is, in fact, with child. And she'll totally let you see it—if you're the highest bidder.

Yup, she's reportedly shopping the ultrasound around.

Shocking? If this was anyone else in the world, maybe. But the only thing we're surprised at is that she hasn't started selling advertising space on the mini-Tila to be. At least we're pretty sure she hasn't. Yet.



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  • kelly0eminemfan

    she needs a baby like heidi montag needs another boob job, ugh

  • Christina

    She is a mess. I only follow her on twitter because she is a mess and I laugh at her ignorance espeically when she is like i'm gonna buy my tila army everything she is so off her rocers. But sad part is when she did think she was pregnant she rambled on about how she would NEVER sell her childs pics never show her baby and never allow her baby to be exploited like the A listers do all the time. Trick you wanna sell some sonogram pics? Are you seriously this ignorant or are you still "acting". She is an overall mess. Who still wants to write about her?

  • roeschs3

    I thought she was going away in 2010?

  • crystalhope

    That's really sick! It seemed like a good at first - making your brother and his family happy by providing her ...ehem... service as a surrogate mom But now it's just SICK! It was a shot of sh*t with Tila T.

  • julie04

    wtf is wrong with her?! poor baby...